About Physiotherapy

There is a dire necessity or need of one PHYSIOTHERAPY department in our hospital, as our most of the patient are from Kathor and its surrounding villages which are being operated in the city tertiary care hospitals for other ortho’s and joint replacement, knee Surgeries and they have been advised for the physiotherapy treatment at the nearby centers. As we don’t have any Physio in our surrounding except surat, hence our Management has decided to establish New PHYSIO CUM REHABILTY center in our hospital where in all required possible most modern gadgets, equipments and Physio care Machines are available to render and provide best possible Physio care at a very reasonable costs to the patients.

·        In Physiotherapy Department we had Two Physiotherapist from Monday to Saturday [ Timing : 10 am to 5 pm.]

·        We had very advanced equipment in physio department, some are mention below

§  Ultrasound Unit

§  TENS & IFT Unit

§  SWD with IRR and Traction Unit

§  Static Cycle & Trade mill

§  All equipment of Exercise of Shoulder, wrist & Finger

§  Parallel Walking Bar with Mirror

·        We treat a below mention condition in physio department


§  Arthritic Condition

§  Neurological disorders and disease

§  Spinal Cord injury

§  Sports Injury

§  Post Fracture Rehabilitation

§  Musculoskeletal Problem

§  Pediatric Condition[ Cerebral Palsy]