Our Future Projects


   The Kathor Medical Trust has been in existence since 1994, and initially it has established “Sarabibi Kazi Sarvajanik Dispensary” for meeting the medical needs of the common people without any discrimination of their cast, creed, race and religion or language at a very negligible charges worth Rs. 10.00/- only which includes consultation and medicines too.

   There are many villages surrounding Kathor village which has got population of poor, weaker, needy and deserving and below poverty line people. They are really deprived of the urgent medical attention in the villages because of insufficient infrastructure in the primary/ community health centers or even in the private nursing homes and general practitioners.

   To run the project of “Mobile DispensaryAmbulance” is very essential aspect. Nowadays because it is very difficult for the people those who are residing in the remote rural areas are unable to approach health centres and trust based good quality hospitals because of uncertain frequency of transport, communications. Hence, this project would be very much important and essential for the sick patients.

   The Mobile Dispensary Ambulance would contain all emergency drugs, kits, Small Lab alongwith ECG, and all gadgets for life saving equipments and devices so the doctor, nurse and paramedics technician will cop up with the patients disease and start the treatment on the spot in the village itself. The ambulance would be full-fledged and updated with all ultra modern techniques. Even the portable type of small ventilated machine and resuscitation equipments are also accommodated in the van to stable the serious patients. The van should visit the various patients in different villages. Daily programe should me checked out as per the needs of the patients and if be needed they are advised to get admitted in our hospital for the further treatment. To save the life is our aim and motto by approaching in time at the spot of accident occurs and serious patients calls received by our hospital.

   This Mobile Dispensary is very much essential in our Hospital. Mobile dispensary Van is approximately about Rs. 20,00,000/-. (i.e., Ambulance + Equipments). It is not necessary for a single donor to donate whole costing of Mobile Dispensary any donor can donate either for Ambulance or for Equipments, your every effort will be counted in your contribution towards our Hospital.

   If any donor is donating with Rs. 15,00,000/- for the Mobile Dispensary Van, Insha Allah we will write the name of the Donor or whatever name the Donor will suggest on theAmbulance.


   Importance of physiotherapy is very much essential for the further treatment of physically disabled and Orthopedically operated patients and also those patients who are being referred by the Physician, Neuro Physician, Orthopaedic, Gaynecologist and other consultants. The physiotherapy plays and important role in the speedy and healthy recovery of the patients who are disabled, as advised by the expert Rehab centre specialist B.Physio / M. Physio Therapist.

   The necessity of the Physiotherapy unit is absolutely required in our Hospital at Kathor because so many patients who are operated at tertiary centers at Surat and other big cities have been advised closer physiotherapy treatment after their operation is over for the certain period of time at nearby centers. Hence, the establishment of the PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE is must to render the immediate therapy to the patients those who are also suffering from the diseases of the physically disabled. The patients are unable to go to the higher centres only for taking daily physiotherapy treatment in cities which are very expensive and time consuming.

   If The Rehab / Physio centre is established in our Haji D M LOCKHAT AND MRS. AMINA SULEMAN DADABHAI, GENERAL HOSPITAL, it will prove as “BOON” to the poor & needy and all types of patients for their speedy recovery.

   The charges in the cities and higher centres are very levish and per sitting it is around Rs.400 to 500 are being charged for various exercises in Physio Therapy and would be costly plus charges for daily transportation and it is more time consuming. If it will establish in our Hospital, it will be very good service at door step and the Rehab and Physio centre will be monitored by the management. The services would be at a reasonable cost to all those who are needy, poor, down-trodden and deserving cases.


   There is no facility of the Blood Bank right from Surat and Navsari in this region and hence for this purpose, patient requiring blood units has to fetch blood either from Surat or Navsari cities. There is a dire need of the blood in case of injury cases in time accident victims, delivery cases and serious patients those are kept in the Medical, Surgical ICUs or Critical Care Units in the Hospital and also during the period of major surgeries is to be conducted in the Operation theatres. To fetch the blood is very hectic job, patient’s relatives have to run around and wasting their precious hours in busy traffic hours to reach the blood bank in cities within the stipulated time and sacrifice even half day for bringing the blood for sick patients.

   Nowadays, the local areas and surrounding belt is rapidly increasing day by day and the ratio of population has already gone up and due to fast industrialization many more projects are added in the areas like Sumul Dairy chilling Plant, Sugar Factory, Torrent Power Projects and Industrial and High rise buildings projects in Kamrej talukas The number of laborers are also increased due to the local industries and factories located in the vicinity. There are more than 100 General Practitioners doctors and 10 to 12 primary health and community health centers and private and trust managed hospitals in the areas. The demand of the various group blood units are day by day has increasing urgently, hence the necessity to establish the BLOOD BANK in this hospital is very much essential, it will prove as really beneficial to the population at large. Thus many lives will be saved by supplying the blood in time.

   The Blood Bank Project would cost estimated Rs 50 Lacs rupees. The donors who are ready to contribute the half the cost of the Blood Bank, The name of such donor will be displayed with the Blood Bank by the Management.


   At the moment, the hospital Emergency Staff including Doctors are Provided with the Rented Accommodation in the various places in the Kathor village. During the Emergency period, it is very difficult for them to come immediately to attend the hospital emergency cases. The management of the trust has to incurred the huge amount for Paying rents to the various house owners every month. Presently The Hospital Nurses, Technicians, Emergency Duty O.T. Radiology Technician, Laboratory Technician and the doctors and Supportive staff like Male/Female Sweepers, Aya Masis are Staying in the rented accommodation. Hence the necessity of Constructing new quarters for them will be essential. The following Details are given for the Project:

   In the existing building of Haji D.M.Lockhat and Mrs. Amina Suleman Dadabhai Hospital, on the 4th Floor there will be provision to construct the residential blocks for the doctors, nurses, Medical, Para medical and Emergency staff to attend the Critically serious and ill patients quickly in night and odd hours Whenever patient turn serious in ICUs, OT and Emergency Wards. To attend such dire emergency cases, proper attendance of doctors and experts will saves the precious lives of the patients and it plays a vital role for patient care.

   The construction cost of the above Project would come to Rs 40 to 45 Lacs.


   If any donor is donating with Rs. 3,00,000/- for the Third Floor Construction, Insha Allah We will write the name of the donor or whatever name he will suggest on the room.

   If any donor is donating with Rs. 10,00,000/- for the third Floor Construction . Insha Allah we will write the name of the donor or whatever he will suggest on the General ward.

   If any donor is donating with Rs. 15,00,000/- for the third Floor Construction, Insha Allah, we will write the name of the donor or whatever he will suggest on the Third Floor.